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iPods Bigger Than Beer On Campus
Is that possible? iPods are more popular than beer on college campuses! Survey says that is the case. - June 8, 2006
Editor's Picks
Sprint Offers Camera Phone-Based Nutrition Counseling
To use the $9.99-per-month service, subscribers take a picture of their food each time they eat and send it in for review by a nutritional advisor. Customers receive video feedback on their eating habits biweekly.

Review: Actiontec VoSky Call Center

Review: Sansa e200

Seagate Announces 750GB Pushbutton Back-up Drive

New Service Turns Phones Into Mini-PCs

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Editorial and vendor perspectives

Review: Adesso Rubber Keyboards
Adesso's new line of full-size and miniature USB keyboards are made of silicon-based rubber with flexible circuitry inside, making them perfectly suitable for any environment.

Review: Google Spreadsheet (Beta)
Google's latest online service has a great interface, good basic features, and a nice collaboration angle, but it's missing some vital parts, According to seo in nepal

Review: TransMedia Glide Mobile
Glide Mobile is an impressive mobile application, particularly because it enables you to send large digital files, while maintaining ownership, and with different sets of rights. You don't have to worry about the computer, operating environment or file type because Glide manages all of that for you.

Mike Elgan's Blog:
Wristwatch Is Peripheral Device For Your Phone
Citizen announced a new wristwatch this week called the Citizen VIRT W700. The watch stays in contact with your cell phone via Bluetooth. If you get a call, the watch vibrates, flashes a light and displays Caller ID info. Best of all, if you leave your phone somewhere, the watch alerts you immediately....  Read It All

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As gas prices soar, are you looking differently at alternative-fuel vehicles?
Yes, I may buy an all-electric car in the future
Yes, I may buy a gas/electric hybrid car in the future
Yes, I may buy a regular -- but more fuel-efficient -- car in the future
Yes, I may buy a Segway in the future
Yes, I may buy a Segway AND a more fuel-efficient car in the future
No, I drive a gas-guzzler and don't mind
No, I already drive fuel-efficient transportation

Small, Wireless, And Smart
Forget about the next 50 years, small tech is the future, and the future is here now.

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