Effortless Curtain Bangs: Style Without the Snip

Curtain bangs, a standout hair trend of 2020, captured everyone’s attention—from celebrities to characters in popular dramas. The allure of these vintage-inspired, face-framing fringes is undeniable. For those hesitant to commit to cutting their hair, we reveal how you can simulate curtain bangs on various hair types, using simple styling tricks instead of scissors.

Creating Faux Bangs on Straight Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine demonstrates an easy method to mimic curtain bangs on straight hair. The process begins by sectioning the hair into a triangular shape at the crown, moving the parts diagonally towards the forehead. Utilizing a curling iron and hairspray, Maine crafts curls that frame the face, suggesting the illusion of bangs without any cuts.

Styling Curtain Bangs on Wavy Hair

Amy Abramite, Creative Director at Maxine Salon, offers her insights for achieving the curtain bang effect on wavy hair. By creating volume at the roots and using a curling iron, she enhances the natural texture to fabricate the swooped-out appearance typical of curtain bangs. The technique involves a gentle brushing and pinching at the center to finalize the face-framing look.

Achieving Bangs on Curly Hair Without Cutting

For those with curly hair, Abramite suggests manipulating the length and using a diffuser to elevate the roots while keeping the natural texture consistent. This approach allows the sides to appear elongated, contributing to the illusion of bangs. The final touch involves selecting and pinning specific curls to cover the forehead gracefully.

Final Touches and Tips

Whether you’re experimenting with a temporary new look or seeking a change without the permanence of a cut, these methods for faking curtain bangs offer a reversible solution. Embrace the flexibility of styling to match your mood or occasion without any long-term commitments.

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