Elevate Your Facebook Posts: Add Music with Ease

Facebook remains a cornerstone for social interactions, allowing users to share moments, ideas, and, importantly, the music that moves them. Learning how to add music to a Facebook post can transform your shared memories into immersive experiences. This guide will walk you through the steps to infuse your Facebook posts and stories with your favorite tunes, ensuring your moments stand out.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to grasp the basics of adding music to your Facebook posts. Whether you’re looking to add a soundtrack to your latest photo or want your story to sing, Facebook’s mobile app makes it possible. However, it’s worth noting that this feature is exclusive to the app, meaning desktop users will need to switch to their mobile devices to take advantage of this functionality.

Adding Music to Your Facebook Story

  1. Start Your Story: Open the Facebook app on your mobile device. Tap on the “Create Story” option, which you can find at the top of your news feed.
  2. Select Your Media: Choose a photo or video from your gallery or capture a new one directly through the app.
  3. Find the Music: Tap on the music notes icon to access the music library. Here, you can browse or search for your desired song.
  4. Customize Your Selection: Once you’ve found the perfect track, you can select which part of the song to play, adjust the duration (up to 15 seconds), and even add lyrics to display on your story.

Adding Music to a Facebook Post

  1. Create a Post: In the Facebook app, initiate a new post by tapping on the “Create Post” window.
  2. Attach Your Photo: Select a photo to accompany your post. You can choose from your gallery or take a new picture.
  3. Incorporate Music: Tap on the “Edit” option, then the music notes icon to open the song library. Like with stories, search for the song you want to add.
  4. Final Touches: After selecting your song, you can decide on the segment of the song to use, customize the appearance of lyrics if available, and adjust the placement of the music label or lyrics on your photo.

Why Add Music to Your Posts?

Adding music to your Facebook posts isn’t just about sharing a song; it’s about creating a mood, enhancing a message, or simply making your content more engaging. Whether it’s a nostalgic track accompanying a throwback photo or a current hit highlighting your latest adventure, the right music can elevate your post, making it more memorable and share-worthy.

Final Thoughts: Crafting Memorable Moments

As we wrap up this guide on how to add music to a Facebook post, remember that the power of music can significantly impact the way your memories are received on social media. By following the steps outlined above, you can create posts and stories that not only capture moments but also evoke emotions, making your Facebook experience richer and more engaging.

Harmonize Your Memories: A Guide’s Encore


  1. Can I add music to posts from a desktop?
  • Currently, adding music to Facebook posts and stories is a feature available only through the mobile app.
  1. Is there a limit to the music I can add?
  • Yes, for stories, you can use up to 15 seconds of a song, and for posts, up to 20 seconds.
  1. Can everyone see the music in my post?
  • Yes, anyone who can view your post or story can see and play the music you’ve added.
  1. What if I can’t find the song I want to add?
  • The Facebook music library is extensive but if you can’t find a specific song, it may not be available within the app’s library due to licensing restrictions.
  1. Can I add music to an existing post?
  • No, music must be added at the time of creating your post or story. You cannot add music to posts or stories after they have been published.
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