Master Zoom’s Raise Hand Feature

Knowing how to raise your hand in Zoom is essential for participating actively without interrupting. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, this feature helps manage the flow of discussion efficiently.

Quick Guide to Raising Your Hand

The raise hand feature in Zoom is straightforward across various platforms. Here’s how you can signal that you have a question or comment during a meeting:

Desktop and Mobile Instructions

  • On a computer: Look for the “”Participants”” button at the bottom of your screen. Click it, then select “”Raise Hand.””
  • On mobile: Tap the “”More”” option in the navigation bar at the bottom, then choose “”Raise Hand.””

Lowering Your Hand

Changed your mind? You can lower your hand by selecting the “”Lower Hand”” option in the same menu where you raised it.

Step-by-Step: Using the Raise Hand Feature

Follow these detailed steps to raise your hand in a Zoom call effectively:

DesktopClick on “”Participants”” > “”Raise Hand.””
MobileTap “”More”” > “”Raise Hand.””

Why Use This Feature?

Utilizing the raise hand feature maintains order and respect in virtual settings, ensuring everyone gets a chance to contribute without speaking over one another.

Final Thoughts on Effective Communication

Mastering the raise hand feature in Zoom ensures you are heard during virtual meetings without breaking the conversational flow. Embrace this simple tool to enhance your online interaction.


What if the raise hand icon is not appearing?

Ensure your Zoom app is updated, as older versions may not support all features.

Can I raise my hand if I’m joining via phone call?

Yes, dial “”*9″” on your keypad to raise or lower your hand during the call.

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