How to Share Facebook Posts to Instagram

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the integration between these two platforms has significantly improved, making it easier for users and businesses to manage content seamlessly across both networks.

The Benefits of Cross-Posting

Cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram is a valuable tool for anyone looking to save time and streamline their social media strategy. This feature allows you to post the same content on both platforms simultaneously, reducing the need to create separate posts for each.

Time and Effort Savings

For businesses that need to maintain a consistent and frequent posting schedule, creating fresh content for each platform can be a hassle. Cross-posting simplifies this process by enabling you to share your posts on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, significantly saving on effort and time.

Desktop Posting Convenience

Instagram is optimized for mobile use, often making it challenging to post directly from a desktop. However, with Facebook’s cross-posting feature, you can now post images to Instagram right from your desktop, making content management much easier.

How to Cross-Post from Facebook to Instagram

Follow these steps to start cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram:

Step 1: Link Your Instagram Account with Your Facebook Page

  • Go to your Facebook page’s Account Center.
  • Select the “Accounts” option from the left sidebar and click “Add Account”.
  • Log in to your Instagram account to complete the linking process.

Step 2: Create an Image Post

  • Navigate to the “write a post” option on your Facebook page.
  • Create a post and upload a single image, ensuring it is relevant and properly sized for Instagram.
  • Remember that vertical images taller than a 4:5 ratio will be cropped by Instagram.
  • Write a caption suitable for both platforms, and remember you can edit it on Instagram to add hashtags later.

Step 3: Publish to Facebook and Instagram Simultaneously

  • Check the “cross-post on Instagram” option when publishing your post.
  • Ensure you select the “post now” option as scheduled posts cannot be cross-posted.
  • Disable two-factor authentication on your Instagram account if it’s enabled.
Link AccountsGo to Account Center, select “”Accounts””, click “”Add Account””, and log in to Instagram.
Create PostWrite a post on Facebook with a single image. Ensure it fits Instagram’s size requirements.
PublishSelect “”cross-post on Instagram””, ensure “”post now”” is chosen, and disable two-factor authentication.

Additional Tips for Effective Cross-Posting

To enhance your cross-posting strategy, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use Creator Studio to manage and analyze your posts across both platforms efficiently.
  • Consider using third-party tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or IFTTT for more advanced scheduling and customization options.
  • Regularly update your knowledge of cross-posting features to take full advantage of new updates and functionalities.

Integrating Your Social Media Strategy

With the integration of Facebook and Instagram, sharing content across both platforms has never been easier. This feature allows for a more cohesive content strategy, maximizing your reach and engagement with minimal effort. By cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram, you ensure that your content is consistently shared across both platforms, enhancing your overall social media presence. Stay updated with the latest best practices to make the most of this powerful tool and optimize your digital marketing efforts.

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