How to Hide Following on TikTok

If you are curious about how to keep your following list private on TikTok, you’re in the right place. Whether to avoid prying eyes or just to keep your social interactions confidential, hiding who you follow is a simple process.

Adjusting Your Privacy Settings

To begin hiding your following list, start by navigating to your TikTok profile. Tap the menu icon on the top right, then select ‘Settings and Privacy’. Here, go to ‘Privacy’ and scroll to the ‘Interactions’ section. Here, tap ‘Following list’ and change the setting from “”Everyone”” to “”Only me””. This adjustment ensures that only you can view the list of people you follow.

This modification not only limits the visibility of your following list but also keeps mutual friends visible, without exposing the entire list to public scrutiny.

Switching to a Private Account

Another method to shield your following list is by making your TikTok account private. Go to your profile settings, tap on ‘Privacy’, and then toggle the ‘Private account’ option. This change means your following list, and your profile, in general, will be visible only to your current followers. You’ll also need to approve new follow requests, giving you complete control over who sees your content and follow list.

Remember, switching to a private account impacts other aspects of your TikTok experience, such as your ability to collaborate openly with other users and influencers.

Why Consider Hiding Your Follow List?

There are numerous reasons you might choose to keep your TikTok connections private. For some, it’s about maintaining a professional front online where potential employers do not scrutinize their social connections. Others might prefer an air of mystery or simply want to prevent family members from tracking their social engagements.

What Does a Private Account Entail?

Opting for a private TikTok account means that you control who can follow you and who can view your following list. It restricts your profile access to approved followers only, enabling you to manage visibility around your posts, followers, and the people you follow.

Additional Privacy Considerations

If specific individuals are your concern, TikTok allows you to block users, ensuring they cannot view any part of your profile or interact with your content. However, blocking should be used judiciously as it might alert the blocked user to your privacy settings.

Final Thoughts on TikTok Privacy

Deciding how visible your following list should be on TikTok depends on your desired level of privacy. Whether you choose to adjust your privacy settings or switch to a private account, you have the tools to control who sees your social interactions on TikTok.

By setting your following preferences to ‘Only me’, you ensure a private social space, allowing you to engage on TikTok without unwanted eyes on your social habits.

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