How to Screenshot on iPhone 7

Are you wondering how to take screenshots on iPhone 7? Taking screenshots is such a common occurrence, whether it’s for official work or sharing messages. The good news is that there are multiple ways you can screenshot on an iPhone 7, all of which are pretty simple. In this article, I will show you how to take screenshots on iPhone 7 by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously, using the AssistiveTouch feature, and even using Siri.

Quick Methods for Screenshots

There are many reasons why you may want to take a screenshot. Luckily, the process is simple and quick. To take a screenshot on your iPhone 7, simultaneously press the side and home buttons. When you do this, your screen will blink, and you’ll hear a shutter sound. A screenshot thumbnail will appear on the screen, and then you can tap it to edit and share the screenshot.

Using Home and Power Buttons

This is my preferred method of taking screenshots because it is quick and easy. When I need to take a screenshot, here’s how I do it using the button combination:

  1. Go to the screen where you want to capture a screenshot.
  2. Simultaneously hold down the power button on the right side of the device and the home button.
  3. When you hold down both buttons, a thumbnail image of the screenshot will appear on the screen shortly after you press the buttons. Once you have taken the screenshot, you can edit the snap if you want to.

Using AssistiveTouch to Screenshot with One Hand

An alternative method to the button combination is the AssistiveTouch function, which adds the screenshot function to the top-level menu. To use this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “General”
  2. Scroll down to “Accessibility”
  3. Scroll down to “AssistiveTouch”
  4. Tap it and turn the toggle on
  5. Go to the “Customize Top Level” menu. Here, you will see the icons, which you can customize.
  6. Choose the star icon for “Custom”
  7. Scroll down to “Screenshot”
  8. An icon will appear on the screen. You can move it around and reposition it by holding and dragging it across the screen. When you press the icon, you will see additional options, including a screenshot option.
  9. Tap the “Screenshot” and take a snap of your screen.

NOTE: This method also works for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Using Siri to Capture Screenshots

You can also take screenshots on your iPhone 7 using Siri. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the screen you want to capture or take a screenshot of.
  2. Say “Hey Siri, take a screenshot”.
  3. Make sure Siri is enabled on your iPhone 7. You can enable it from Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri.

How to Screenshot on More Recent iPhone Models

By now, the iPhone 7 model is outdated, so I have also included updates for the iPhone 13 Pro Max to keep things more relevant. If you want to take screenshots using more recent iPhones, here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the volume up and side buttons simultaneously, then quickly release them.
  2. To view your screenshot, look at the lower-left corner of your screen and tap the thumbnail.

On iOS 15 and 16

Open the thumbnail and tap “Done.” Then, choose between “Save to Photos, Save to Files, and Delete Screenshot.”

On iOS 17

Screenshots are automatically saved to the Photos app.

If you want to take a full-page screenshot instead, do the following:

  1. Take a screenshot by pressing the volume up and side buttons simultaneously.
  2. Tap the screenshot thumbnail in the lower-left portion of your screen.
  3. Tap “Full Page.”

To save your full-page screenshot:

  1. Tap “Done” > “Save PDF to FIles.”
  2. Choose a location to save your screenshot and tap “Save.”

Alternatively, you can tap the “Share” button to send the PDF to other people.

NOTE: These steps apply to all iPhones with Face ID, from iOS 15 to 17.

Activating AssistiveTouch on Recent iPhone Models

To activate the AssistiveTouch function on recent iPhone models, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Accessibility”
  2. Scroll down to “AssistiveTouch”
  3. Under “Physical and Motor,” tap “Touch”
  4. Tap “Assistive Touch” and toggle it on
  5. Tap the “Customize Top Level” menu
  6. Tap “Custom” (star icon)
  7. Tap “Screenshot” and then “Done.”

How To Access Your Screenshot

Whenever you take a screenshot on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, a thumbnail of the screenshot will appear on your screen for several seconds. If you miss the thumbnail, you can find your screenshot in your photo album folder. To access your photo album and retrieve your screenshot, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the home screen and search for the “Photos app.”
  2. Go to “Recent.” There, you should be able to see the iPhone 7 screenshot you just took.

If you’re having trouble finding the screenshot in your “Recent” folder, go to your “Albums” folder instead. You should see a folder where all your “Screenshots” are saved automatically.

Editing and Sharing Your Screenshot

When you take a screenshot using either method mentioned above, you’ll see a thumbnail of your screenshot on your iPhone 7 screen. If you want to edit the screenshot, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the thumbnail
  2. Use the boxes on the corners of the picture to crop it
  3. You will see the editing tools at the bottom of your screen. Here, you will have the option to draw, add a signature, or rotate the screenshot.
  4. When you’re satisfied with your edits, click “Done,” and your edited screenshot will be saved in the same folder
  5. To share your newly edited screenshot, click on the share icon at the top of your screen

Alternatively, you can access your screenshot in the iPhone photo app in the screenshot folder. Here, you can edit it and share it with others. Or, if you’re taking screenshots of a webpage, you can copy text from the photos for easier sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Screenshot on iPhone 7 Without a Button?

The AssistiveTouch function is the best way to take screenshots using an iPhone 7 without a button. It is quick and easy to use, allowing you to screenshot and share images when you have button problems.

If you have not already done so, to turn on your “AssistiveTouch” function, go to your “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Touch” > “AssistiveTouch.”

Once you have turned the function on, a circle icon will appear. Then, you can tap the circle to see the options menu. From there, you can find the screenshot icon.

What Other Methods Are There for AssistiveTouch?

Additionally, two more methods exist to turn on “AssistiveTouch.” Both are simple.

  • Use Siri: Say, “Hey Siri,” “Turn on AssistiveTouch.” The function will then be turned on.
  • Add a shortcut: Go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Shortcut” > turn on “AssistiveTouch.”

Does the iPhone 7 Have a Double Tap to Screenshot?

Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not have the double tap to screenshot feature. This feature is only available in the iPhone 14 and later models. If this is a function that you want, consider upgrading your phone to a newer model.

How Do You Take a Screenshot on iPhone 7 With One Hand?

The easiest way to take a screenshot with one hand is using the “AssistiveTouch” function. All you need to do is tap the feature on the screen and tap screenshot. All this can be done with just one finger, unlike pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously, which requires both hands.

Final Thoughts on Screenshotting Your iPhone 7

The method for taking a screenshot is more or less the same across all iPhones with a power and home button. In this tutorial, I have shown you how to take screenshots on iPhone 7 by simultaneously holding the power and home buttons, using the “AssistiveTouch” function, and even utilizing Siri.

I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to leave any comments to learn more about iPhone functions. Check out this online tutorial on taking photos like a pro to improve your iPhone photography skills.

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