What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

Browsing through Facebook Marketplace or your feed, you might see the term “ISO” and wonder about its meaning. ISO stands for “In Search Of” and serves as a handy abbreviation for students needing specific items or services. For example, you might find posts such as “ISO a reliable doggy daycare in the area” or “ISO iPhone X in good condition.” This term lets users announce their needs and receive helpful responses from friends or community members.

ISO in Facebook Marketplace

On Facebook Marketplace, “ISO” allows users to ask for particular items or services. Examples include:

  • ISO a gently used office chair.
  • ISO tickets to the Taylor Swift concert.
  • ISO a new phone case for iPhone 12.

These posts encourage others to reply if they have what the requester needs, making it clear what the requester is looking for and facilitating prompt, relevant responses.

Other Meanings of ISO on Facebook

While “In Search Of” is the most common meaning of ISO on Facebook, it can have other interpretations depending on the context. ISO might also stand for “In Support Of,” indicating solidarity with a cause or movement. In chat conversations, ISO could mean “I’m still online,” though this usage is less frequent.

Additionally, ISO might refer to the International Organization for Standardization in discussions about standards and quality. For photography enthusiasts, ISO denotes the light sensitivity setting of a camera sensor.

ISO in Facebook Events

In Facebook Events, ISO posts help attendees connect and meet specific needs, improving their event experience. Event-specific examples include:

  • ISO an extra ticket for the concert this Friday night. Willing to pay extra. DM if available.
  • ISO someone to join me as a superhero duo for the costume party at the festival.
  • ISO glow sticks and LED accessories for the rave at the music festival. If you have extras or know where to buy them, let me know!

These requests foster a dynamic event community, allowing attendees to fulfill needs and make connections.

Common Abbreviations on Facebook

Facebook groups and Marketplace feature various abbreviations that might confuse students. Here are some common ones:

AFAIKAs Far As I Know
ATMAt The Moment
BNWTBrand New With Tags
DMDirect Message
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
EUCExcellent Used Condition
FYIFor Your Information
PPUPending Pick Up
WTBWanting To Buy

Recognizing Other Slang on Facebook

Knowing terms like ISO, EUC, NWT, and PPU can improve your Facebook experience. For instance, “EUC” stands for “Excellent Used Condition,” describing well-maintained items on Marketplace. Similarly, “NWT” means “New With Tags,” showing that the item is new with original tags. “PPU” means “Pending Pick Up,” indicating that a deal is done and the item awaits collection.

Wrapping Up Your Facebook Experience

Understanding what ISO means on Facebook and knowing other abbreviations can enhance your time on the platform. Next time you encounter “ISO” or similar terms, you’ll understand them and know how to respond. Enjoy your scrolling!

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